Sometimes the Old Adages are True

“You get what you pay for!” Yep, I’d have to agree on that one. On Saturday I went to the local Tuesday/Saturday flea market. My friend and I wandered the stalls, laughed at the giant lizard statues for sale in one booth, oohed over the fake designer bags in another, and kept our eyes open for pet-related merchandise.

It was a beautiful day and a lot of people, merchants and customers alike, had brought their dogs along. (Kasey’s not ready for that kind of commotion and congestion yet, but we’re working on it.) I love to look at dogs and there was a particularly cute Australian Cattle Dog Mix over by one of the stalls. I asked the merchant, an elderly man, if I could approach his dog. “Watch Out! Once you start scratching her, she won’t let you go,” was his warning. After making a fuss over Rosie for a while, I stood up from a squat and looked at what the elderly gentleman was offering at his table.

Oooooh! Lovely embroidered collars and matching leashes. “How much?” I asked. Only $8.00 for a collar and $15 if you bought the leash too. I couldn’t resist such a kind, friendly, old-fashioned gentleman and his beautiful girl, so I carefully chose a Khaki colored collar embroidered with red stars and put it in my bag with all my other great deals.

When we got back home we took Kasey outback for a game of chuck-it on his zip line. I, of course, put his new collar on, too. Kasey took off after the first ball, and ran to the end of his line (the ball overshot a bit) and SNAP! Just kept running to get the ball. The collar buckle had completely snapped (not separated, but snapped into two jagged pieces) and was lying in the grass. Luckily Kasey was so engrossed in playing fetch that he didn’t notice and just brought the ball back like normal. If he had seen, I have no doubt that he would have taken the opportunity to go for a run (the off lead stuff is going very slowly) without collar or tags. My heart didn’t stop racing for a while. Thank goodness Kasey loves his tennis balls!

I don’t blame the old man, the collars appeared sturdy and basically just like one you would get in a store, yet my 60 pound dog broke it like a twig. I really did like it, though, I wonder if I can put a new buckle on it somehow.

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