It’s what’s for dinner

In my adventures of home cooking for Kasey, I’ve been dreading doing a cost comparison. At first I thought, “well, it’ll cost a bit more to cook for him correctly, but it will be worth it.” So far it’s cost quite a bit more, but I think that’s because, as the LOLCats would say “UR DOIN’ IT WRONG.” I’ve bought the various supplements and carbs (rice, oats, pasta) in bulk . Don’t need a lot of that so, I’m OK there. Bought diced canned veggies, but those will be starting to come from the garden soon, so I’m not too worried about that. It’s the meat that’s eating (hee hee) into my budget.

Kasey seems to have an intolerance to beef (I’m thinking of reintroducing it in small amounts, but that’s for a different post) so there goes my cheapest source. Pork is way too expensive. So I’m pretty much left with chicken and turkey. I’ve been buying ground turkey at a local turkey farm because I feel good about knowing the source. It’s about $2.50 a pound, which isn’t awful, but it adds up. I’m paying it because it’s a worthwhile way to spend my money, but long term I was on the lookout for a better solution.

I think I’ve found it. Turkey Thighs. They’re HUGE!! And they’re less than $2.00 a pound. I roasted them in the oven, let the meat cool, and then shreded it and used it in my recipe the same way I would have used the ground meat. I’m going to start buying the thighs any time I see them at a good price. I wonder how long they’d freeze for? Homecookers: what’s your go-to meat?

In other news, Kasey and I went out to PetSmart last night to get him a new Kong in preparation for Monday’s class. He made friends with a lab/plott hound mix, which looked a lot like a lab/pibble mix. He was a sweetie and his new family is going to get a lot of joy out of him, I just wonder if the shelter where they got him was afraid to say he was part “pit bull” for fear he’d end up staying in the shelter. So sad. ::shrug:: Who knows, when breeds get blended I suppose a dog could look like almost anything, and the family was doing right by him now.

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