You expect him to eat out of that?: Sticky bowls

When Kasey was tinier, his crate seemed so big. So his food and water dish being on the floor of his crate didn’t make much of an impact on the available space. But he sure didn’t stay tiny, and soon the bowls seemed to cramp his style a bit. Yet, I really wanted to keep them inside the crate: that was to be his special area, when he went there good things would happen, like food, or a treat.

The first bowl I tried hooked onto his crate by means of a ring that tightened up with a wing nut and the bowl fit into the ring. It sounded great in theory, but in practice I couldn’t keep it from tipping sideways. The metal on metal with just one wing nut meant that it would never really be tight. And since Kasey is a picky eater in the first place, it didn’t surprise me that a tilted bowl would halt his mealtime completely.

Petsmart carried a smarter design from the makers of his crate. This is what he is using now:


There’s two wingnuts to tighten, and a metal brace for support. You can get these much tighter, and the bowl slides in fairly easily. BUT…

I have one question for the makers of this product. And I know I’m not alone in my wonderment, because I’ve seen the same comment here and there on the web: WHY WOULD YOU PUT A STICKER THAT DOESN’T PEEL OFF EASILY IN THE BOTTOM OF THE BOWL? All-caps are annoying, but whatever thought process came up with that idea deserves all-caps. The bowl had to soak in hot water for hours before the sticker began to peel up, and then more scrubbing was required afterward to get all the goo off so Kasey didn’t end up with it in his belly.

The sticker is pointless anyway; there are stickers all around it, why did there need to be one in the bottom of the bowl itself? That’s the only complaint I have about these. Otherwise, they’ve been a great solution to keep Kasey’s food and water in his crate.

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