No More Stuffies! Just Rubber or Tuffy’s…

Kasey is a good boy. He doesn’t chew things he isn’t supposed to, like shoes or furniture. But when he gets a hold of something he can chew, he chews the ever-living out of it. Kasey came home from the shelter to a pile of cute, cuddly stuffies. By the time he was 5 months old, he had destroyed them all.

Ok, I thought, we need to find better stuffies. I bought him a hedgehog with a tennis ball in it. First he ripped the hedgehog off the ball and then chewed the tennis ball in two.  He tore his cool fleecey ball into a cute fleecy stole…

I’ve finally reconciled myself to the fact that no matter how cute the stuffies at PetSmart or Cutter’s Mill are, they’ll never last long enough to justify the cost.

We’ll be sticking with Kongs now. Maybe a rope (supervised, of course). And this:

He’s had this for at least 4 months and there’s not a tear, hole, or ripped seam. Wonderful! And the bonus about this one?  It’s made of  7 layers of fabric, so the squeaker is just barely audible, instead of high pitched and annoying. They’re expensive, but I highly recommend them.  And there are all sort of cute designs to choose from.

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