Picking a Travel Kennel

So I finally made the decision to go with another wire crate for traveling and to keep it in the trunk of my Subaru as permanently as possible with racheting tie downs.  I went with another iCrate because it had two doors and, for Kasey’s size, I would need the door on the side. The crate only fits in sideways.

While this still isn’t my perfect solution (I’m a bit afraid of his getting injured by the wire if he ever gets tossed against it), I think it was the best of the available scenarios. And this is mainly because no testing has been done. I looked at a soft-sided collapseable crate and even emailed the company for information. But when I said “can you assure me that my 55 pound dog is not going to blow through the side of the fabric in a 15mph accident” they stopped responding to my emails.

Also looked at the various “airline approved” kennels, but I didn’t much like the possiblity of the top separating from the bottom in a bad crash.

So wire it ended up being. It’s only slightly smaller than his “go to bed” crate in the house. He can sit up (just barely) and turn around, but it’s most comfortable for him if he is lying down–and that’s just what I was hoping for.

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