Kasey Update-Icky Green Eye Boogers

About 2 days ago, Kasey started getting more noticable “sleepies” or, as I like to call them, “eye boogers.” I would wipe them away with a warm cloth, but I was watching. Then I started the invevitable internet research and got worried. Concensus: Eye Boogers, kinda normal; icky green eye boogers mean an infection.

It’s the same for humans with mucus, so it makes sense.

I just called the vet and they are going to see him this very night. Fingers-crossed for my bubba.

UPDATE: Good news! Our wonderful vet found no infection in Kasey’s eyes. She thinks it is probably allergies. (Maybe it’s green from the actual color of the pollen–I know my car currently has a green tinge whenever it’s not raining.) Kasey has to have goo put right on his eyes (makes my eyes water to even talk about it) twice a day for a few weeks.

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