Product Review–Fail: Lixit Waterer

Lixit waterer

Ok, this was one of my impulse “hey-what-a-cool-idea-I-must-have-it” purchases. And it was one that didn’t really work out for us.  This works on a larger scale (in your dog’s crate) exactly the way the bottles you’ll see in gerbil and hamster cages. But gerbils and hamsters have tiny mouths, and I’m assuming they also have a tiny little bladders.

The cool things about this waterer were that it kept the water clean and you didn’t have to change/refill it as often (although the instructions advise changing it every day just the same).

The instructions also claim that if you create the vacuum seal properly that it’s virtually drip-less and I did not find that to be true. Granted, I may never have created the seal properly, although I did follow the directions.

It wasn’t the minor dripping that was most annoying, though. It was the noise the metal ball at the end of straw made as Kasey licked it….and licked it, and licked it, and licked it. It was either not providing him with enough water fast enough or he became obsessed with the licking sensation.  Whatever it was, the noise was like nails on a chalkboard and we ended up going with a different solution for water in his crate.

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