I know my dog can’t talk

This isn’t my first blog. It is, however,  the first time I’m going to actively strive for anonymity so people don’t think I am insane for having a blog about my dog I can really write what I want.

I shall make a  big promise in this first post: I will never write a post like it is written by my dog.

I know dogs do not think the same way we do. They are simple, cause and effect creatures. I do think, though, that we humans need to do a certain amount of anthropomorphizing our pets or else we’d never keep them. “He’s kissing me because he loves me” engenders more protective feelings than does “he’s licking me because he’s a pack animal and is showing me submission.”

My dog’s name is Kasey. He’s an 8 month old lab mix. I’ll admit to doing a fair bit of anthropomorphizing him, his motives, and especially his facial expressions. But I do not walk him around in a stroller, nor do I dress him in diapers or human-like clothing (except for a laugh).

My reason for starting this blog is that since I got Kasey 6 months ago I’ve come up with alot of questions and done a fair bit of research. I’ve also wasted a bunch of money on products that weren’t right for him.  My hope is that if people stumble across this, I might save them some worry or time.

I know that people have strong opinions on these subjects. Like what type of auto restraint is best, or what kind of leash is good, or should you use a muzzle. Please understand that I’m only telling you what worked for me and Kasey. I’m not a veterinarian or an animal behaviorist but I do try to read and understand all I can. I will also try very hard not to be holier than thou about my choices and I ask that anyone who comments do the same.

And so the journey begins…

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